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Welcome to WoodenArrowHeadShop.com, where we make beautiful hand-crafted and unique arrow head clocks, hunters picture frames, arrow head plaques and wall hangings, as well as unusual wooden arrow head gifts and decorations.

We also make Arrowhead Display Cases, Display Cases, Shadow Box Mounting Plaques, Deer antler mounting plaques, Wall mount plaques, Picture frames, Arrowhead picture frames, Arrowhead ClocksTurkey Plaque, and Turkey tail mounting plaques

Click here to see the Mounting PlaquesFor the Hunter, Trapper, Bow Enthusiest, Game Hunter or just for the Outdoorsman in you, we produce one-of-a-kind Deer Antler Mounting Plaques.

(antlers not included)

You can also use the same plaque for Bow Hunters and Turkey feathers and claws ( as shown further down below click here )

Our Arrow Heads look fantastic just plain beautiful Solid wall hangings or decorations.
Solid Dark Wall Hanging

Our Arrow Heads are a totally unique and Natural way to display your hunting skills and kills in a beautiful, long lasting mounting that will be the talk of your friends and fellow hunters.

Please note that our Arrow Heads are unique and each one has it's own grain and burl. What you see on this site is available on a first come, first serve basis and we can not guarentee what you see is available. We update as soon as possible but please note that we have many great looking pieces as you'll see.

Each product has a unique serial number to indentify with the makers signature, and date of completion.

Solid Lite Maple Plaque

We offer complete Solid Arrow Heads and our Original Maple and Walnut Arrow Heads which are carefully laminated together before they are hand carved, polished and laqured and decorated.

Please note that our Arrow Heads have high quality leather ties, solid stainless steel metal hardware and attachments. We are now also offering a Wheat Series of Arrow Heads that contain beautifually hand woven "Native Indian" , "Early American" and "Western Style" Wheat decorations that can be found here.

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Our Arrowheads are hand picked Walnut laminated onto Maple in the shape of an arrowhead.

Specially selected Walnut Grain makes each arrowhead unique for your home or office decor. A wood grain arrowhead will makes an excellent gift for family and friends. Clocks, Picture Frames, Wall Hangings all include Suede wrap

Our Picture Frames use the highest quality parts to ensure your memories never slip or fall.

Each Picture Frame includes what you see here, glass, backboard and quality hardware.

In order to give you more options for mounting we offer two types of frames, Horizontal and Vertical openings for your image.


(images shown in frame are not included)


Click here to see all the Picture FramesHorizontal Picture Frames can be used as a stand alone frame to highlite an image or you can use the open area above the picture for a mounting of Antlers or whatever you wish.

(images shown in frames are not included)

All Picture Frames come with leather wrapping around the base of the Wooden Arrow Head. Openings are 7" x 5" Horizontal and 5" x 7" Vertical.

Wall mounting hardware is also included, for frames that stand on their own please contact us directly.

( a nominal charge may be added )

Vertical Picture Frames
( artwork shown by George Vagis )
Turkey Mounting Plaque
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